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Forensic Genealogy & Probate Research

Morgan Telesis provides tailored family history research according to your specific requirements

"Knowing one's personal history can help with a sense of identity. Re-connecting people to their family's past is important to me. It's a lifelong passion.

I have honed research skills learnt at the University of Oxford to help people connect to their own ancestors."

Marjorie H Morgan Researcher and Director of Morgan Telesis

Morgan Telesis

Recounting your family history is a personal & emotional commitment

Morgan Telesis is invested in the reunion of the past and present.

It is in our best interest to connect you to your family across time and place.

Why Hire A Professional?

You may already be familiar with the process of tracing your own family history and find reason to look for professional support. Taking on the task alone can become time consuming and require efforts which may exceed your own scope of knowledge.

Our researchers at Morgan Telesis are well acquainted with the record offices and library systems. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in compiling all the essential information which comes with tracing your ancestors and producing the relevant assessments which report our findings.

In consultation with one of our researchers you will find the opportunity to better interpret your own findings and gain further understanding from the research done by Morgan Telesis. As part of our packages we include a GEDCOM compatible file (the international standard format for genealogical data) of your family tree, should you wish to continue the research at a later date.

“I’ve been well pleased with this result - I was happy to leave this to the professionals!”

Brian B Basingstoke

Find Your Missing Relatives

Find out where they are and how they fit into the family history.

Complete Your Family Tree

We can do specific research into individual family members and provide you with a rich historical background to this missing relative's life.

Our Family History Packages

Where Do I Start?

You can choose one of our specialist family history packages
or design your own research package in consultation with our researchers.

Package Overview:

+ A Full Report

You will be presented with a comprehensive evaluation of the research undertaken. This includes a research log and all other supporting genealogical information gathered.

+ Birth and Marriage Certificates

We aquire civil registration birth, marriage and death certificates in order to trace back to the previous generations in your family tree.

The relevant certifications included in your package will reveal, and may not be limited to: details of the ancestors place of residence, occupation or cause of death.

+ Transcripts

We include transcripts of relevant census records to provide you with insights on information such as your ancestors occupations, where they lived and who they lived with.

Historical census records are invaluble snapshots of your ancestors at a given moment in the past.

+ Family Tree and Ancestral Charts

While genealogical reports and research logs provide details of records we have searched and the supporting assessments of our findings, charts and family trees are graphical representations of your family tree and can reveal several generations of family data.

You will be provided with a GEDCOM compatible file which will be necessary for accurately reproducing your family tree e.g. for print.

+ Research Log

You will have access to a comprehensive log detailing the records we searched and our recorded findings, this also includes details on what sources did not provide results.

Research logs organise a catalogue of genealogical evidence and citations. They reveal the strategies of our quality research as well as revealing the inquiries made to produce our results.

Have We Contacted You?

You could be a beneficiary entitled to a share of a deceased relative’s estate, according to the current intestacy laws in England and Wales, if you are a first cousin or the descendent of a first cousin.

Probate Research

Probate researchers are also known as Heir Hunters (as seen on the BBC TV series).

The work of a probate researcher is to find missing or unknown relatives of people who have died without leaving a will. The relatives are people who are entitled to deceased people's estate before the money is collected by the British Treasury as an 'unclaimed'.

Morgan Telesis researchers have traced hundreds of missing heirs around the world and retrieved thousands of pounds for the beneficiaries.

Finder's Fee: The cost of the service is on a percentage basis as per the individual agreement with the located beneficiaries - the fee is deducted from the estate.

Unclaimed Estate

You could be entitled to a share of a deceased relative’s estate if you are a first cousin or the descendent of a first cousin according to the current intestacy laws in England and Wales.

Morgan Telesis researches the Bona Vacantia estates and contacts the identified beneficiaries who are lawful next of kin to the deceased. This process is the result of due diligence and forensic genealogical research.

What Is Bona Vacantia?

The British Government regularly provides a list of ownerless property (or ‘Bona Vacantia’) which is passed to the Crown when someone dies with no will or known family. The type of property (‘estate’) is variable: it can be personal possessions, buildings or money.


Beneficiaries are people who are entitled to a share of a deceased relative’s unclaimed estate; they are proven first cousins or the descendent of a first cousin according to the current intestacy laws in England and Wales.

The British Government has ownerless property (or ‘bona vacantia’) which is property (personal possessions, buildings or money) which passed to the Crown when someone dies with no will or known family.