May, 2022

"My late dear mother told me that the Henry in my name goes back to our chattel slavery before this excellent research investigation was carried out by my fellow Jamaican and family-friend, Marjorie Morgan."

Professor Sir Godfrey H. O. Palmer Edinburgh

Febuary, 2018

“I’ve been well pleased with this result – it was something I’ve never expected. I was happy to leave this to the professionals! Thank you for all your hard work. We will enjoy doing more research on our extensive family tree.”

Brian B Basingstoke

November 2017

“Thank you for all that you’ve done.”

Liz S Somerset

October 2017

“I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done and all that you’ve accomplished for us.”

Terence P Birmingham

August 2017

“Many thanks for your work, Yours sincerely, Rev. Simon.”

Rev. Simon F Stourbridge

July 2017

“Thank you, Marjorie for your latest letter etc. What an interesting read it all is! The net of who is related to whom stretches ever wider. With all good wishes.”

Isobel T Blandford

July 2017

“Many thanks for all your hard work on the estate of my uncle Stanley Stephen Simpson. From all of us the service you gave was exceptional and also for the family tree you sent me. Yours sincerely, George.”

George N Aylesbury

June 2017

“Thank you for your help in this matter.”

Keith B Cambridge

March 2017

“Many thanks for your efforts with this issue. Kind regards,”

Martin O Bristol

March 2017

“Many thanks for all of your help.”

Rob T Salisbury

February 2017

“I would like to thank you for the most informative and conscientious way in which you have handled these proceedings, and for the successful conclusion that you have achieved.”

Gerry D Surrey

September 2016

“It’s lovely! Thank you so much. Everything we’ve seen is really interesting (the family tree); and it’s going to help us tremendously. The money is a little more than we expected, so that was nice. We realise where he’s buried ... it’s where other family members are buried, so it’s a family cemetery and we didn’t really know that before. Thank you for everything that you’ve done.”

Pauline S Leeds

June 2016

“I didn’t expect anything from this estate as I hardly knew them, so thank you very much for all your hard work. It brings me great joy to find out more about our family history, and now I can get in touch with my long lost cousins. Thank you again!”

Sylvia B Leicestershire

June 2016

“I can’t thank you enough!”

Ben F Wirral

March, 2016

“I was watching that programme, ‘Heir Hunters’, and they said, ‘Could someone you know be on that list?’. I used to say, ‘No,’ but now I can say ‘Yes!’ Thank you so much.”

Joyce W Taunton

March, 2016

“We were thrilled to hear about this. It’s like we won the lottery. I’ve never even heard this lady mentioned. Thank you for all your hard work, I know you’ve done a great deal to sort this out.”

Elizabeth J Southern Ireland

March, 2016

“This was quite out of the blue. Very exciting. I’d love to know more about my family tree.”

Michael H Cumbria

January, 2016

“It was all totally unexpected. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Norman H Liverpool

November, 2015

“Many thanks.”

Susan Leicester

November, 2015

(This family’s case originated in Doncaster, Yorkshire and concluded in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Fourteen beneficiaries were found in locations throughout the UK and the rest of the world including Leicester, Doncaster, Hull and Paris, France.)

“Many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.”

Barbara Bristol

October, 2015

“... very many thanks for your painstaking efforts re the above estate. Your persistence in this matter is much admired.”

P.D -

October, 2015

“Many thanks for your hard work.”

B.B -

October, 2015

“Thank you for the work you have done for me.”

Wendy -

October, 2015

“Thank you for the first class job”

Anonymous -

July, 2015

“Thank you for contacting me originally and providing your service, it’s been interesting and rewarding!”

Jennifer T Chichester

October, 2014

“Thank you very much indeed for your hard work in resolving Mr Baker’s estate. ... Thank you also for the family tree explaining the relationship. With kind regards,”

Nigel R Derbyshire

July 2014

“Just a few lines to say thank you for every thing you have done. It must have been a long job for you.”

Colin N Thame

August, 2014

“I thank you very much for doing this for us.”

Pamela C Knutsforde

July, 2014

“As for your handling of the estate of my late aunt Dorothy ... you have handled this with the greatest professionalism, always kept me well informed and very kind and friendly conversations on the phone.”

Louisa C High Wycombe

July, 2014

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work on the estate ... thanking you again.”

Diane B Kettering

July, 2014

“Thank you for sorting out my inheritance. Yours sincerely,”

Rosemarie W Kettering

July, 2014

(This particular case research found beneficiaries in locations worldwide including: Kettering, Peterborough, Adelaide (Australia), Cottesbrooke and Dorchester. Morgan Telesis keeps searching until all beneficiaries can be identified.)

“Thank you for your letter regarding the estate of CA, which I have spoken to my brother S about and the whole family find this very fascinating, especially after watching Heir Hunters on telly.”

Yvonne C Luton