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We have located and contacted you using publicly available records such as birth, marriage, death, census records and electoral rolls.

We are specialist probate and forensic genealogical researchers who successfully trace lost heirs and missing beneficiaries globally.

Yes, you may. The information on the people who have died without leaving a will is publicly available. However, the distribution of estates must be done in accordance to the current intestacy laws and we have several years of researching and administering estates legally.

The incorrect distribution of estates is a criminal offence.

We will explain the process to you in detail and will retain contact with you throughout the entire claim and administration processes.

We mainly work on a commission fee, this means any funds we receive will be paid out of the estate when it is finally administered and not from the personal funds of the identified beneficiaries to the estate. We get our fees at the same time as you receive your beneficiary shares of the estate.

Other payment arrangements are made according to the work we undertake and in full agreement with you, the client.

There is no set time for the completion of the research and administration processes. However, we strive to complete the claim process as quickly as possible. We will keep you up-to-date every step of the way. It is the legal requirement for intestacy case that a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration is obtained for each estate; the time each of these takes is variable.

When a Grant of Probate is obtained there is a statutory wait of 6 months before final administration can be completed.

This is a genuine situation.

We have worked many successful cases relating to unclaimed estates and this is why we are contacting you now. We can provide you with details to verify this fact upon further contact and personal communication with you.

We have contacted you after many hours of thorough and meticulous work researching the family history of a person who has died without leaving a will.

If we have contacted you by letter, telephone, or a personal visit it is because we believe that you may be a beneficiary to an unclaimed estate. We advise that if you have any concerns that you talk with a solicitor to reassure yourself further. We welcome any enquiries from any legal representative.